Strange sounds in the skies 0
By braikar, 11-05-2015 - 09:46 in Science, Meteorology, Science

I’m starting to see a big correlation between these weird noises heard in the skies in many places in the world, and the occurrence of solar flares!
On may 5-6, 2015. The biggest solar flare of 2015, of an X2.7 class occurred. Incidentally a lot of youtube videos were posted of strange noises occurring on the 5-6-7 of may.

5th of may 2015:

7th of may 2015:

Then I started looking back at other such events!
Thanks to this website to see the largest events in solar flares.

Looking on youtube, I can’t search by date… So I looked for videos checked when they occurred and checked the sun activity around these days.

5th of march 2015:

Around the 6 to 13th of march 2015, there were a lot of solar flares in the high M range and 2 in the X range!

Next video I found:

The description says it occurred 29/08/2013 and 19/06/2013. M flare on the 30th of august at 04h gmt M flare on the 19th of june..

Next, 15th of january 2013:

2 M flares on the 14th of january 2013

Next video found, 10th of february 2012:

Again a lot of M flare activity around the 7th to 12th..

To me this seems like a great track to follow. However I’m very annoyed by all the fakes on youtube and the lack of easy access to other solar activity data. I hope someone with the proper means to do this kind of research will, it’s just statistics afterall! And the solar storms hypothesis is quite understandable.