The future of the European Union (and the world) 0
By braikar, 11-05-2014 - 13:47 in Economics, History, Politics, Society

As I write, there are groups in at least half of the European countries presenting themselves with an objective of, if they manage to get elected, to remove their country form the European union. Either by using the article 50 of the European treaty or parties wishing to get out without really knowing how.

All I can say is that the European Union won’t disappear, but its structure will slowly and surely change over the next 10 and more years to be more in tune with what the real purpose of the European union has to be!

That is, nowadays the common problem is that the Eurocrates are trying to standardize all the countries, but this standardization is way too abusive, trying to standardize countries and their entire population. This cannot happen, you cannot force people of the south to work like people of the north, this idea, just by taking into account the climate already runs into a lot of road blocks. Nations are what they are, they have a history, a way of doing things. In Spain, most people like to go to bed after midnight, in Germany it’s more around 22h. Habits like that cannot be standardized, they are habits and a standardization process is not even needed, such habits can obviously change, but that change cannot be forced, if changes occur they will occur by themselves according to the people in the region/country.

The real role of the European Union is to group many nations together, for the best of each other and also such a bound prevents war, because you cannot go to war with a country on which you are dependent for many things that keep your own country alive. This interdependence btw. is something that is slowly occurring worldwide and it won’t be stopped, ever, this interdependence process will grow and grow, making it impossible for countries to have war with each other.
But back to the European Union, ignoring the aspects of secret bloodlines, conspiracies etc. I don’t even want to talk about this subject anymore, it’s completely irrelevant, they did/do exist, secret arrangements were made etc. The control of the European Union nowadays is obviously regulated by the US and their puppet NATO system, but that doesn’t matter anymore. These control structures will evolve and change as well, nothing can stop that change.
Unions like the European Union are being formed all around the world, to name the most famous, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South-Africa), but there are other ones in the work, the USAN (Union of South American Nations), which was started in 2008 by all the South American countries agreeing on the UNASUR Treaty. Africa is going at a slower pace but it’s happening too, the AU (Africa Union) grouping the continent as a whole. Then there is also the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).
Whether we want it or not, it is happening worldwide, and most of these unions are logical, grouping a continent together to have better cooperation between countries whose economy is dependent on each other and on the whole it will also make economic relations between different unions more effective.

But this is a slow process, and the powers that be, especially occidental ones have a lot to change to conform to the will of the people, they are afraid of losing control of having a system that is too loose etc. Occidental countries and their rulers are still used to governing with a iron fist their old colonies from the colonial era. This is changing.

Now back to the European Union, this is what will change, you cannot standardize a nation (nor can any nation in the world be standardized to their neighbors), but you can standardize the relationships between these different countries located in the same continents, then you can standardize the relationships between large unions of countries.
This is what will happen, nothing will change that from occurring, the banking system will be standardized worldwide, but not like it is today, today it is standardized according to the will of a few (mostly G8 countries), in the future (count 10-30 years) the banking system will be standardized according to the will of each union of countries.
Countries within unions (whether the EU, BRICS, ASEAN, USAN, AU etc.), have to keep their sovereignty, unions have to keep their sovereignty with respect to other unions.
This is what makes the beauty of the world, different cultures that are related to different geographical locations and different histories. It would be a boring world if visiting another country was exactly like visiting your own!
These Unions forming worldwide will be standardized between each other, and countries within each union will also have a standardized way of interacting with each other, while keeping the sovereignty and identity of each and every country. This is what people want, even family by family! We want our own little space to live as we wish and we want to be at peace with our neighbors, same goes with countries being at peace with their neighboring countries and large unions being at peace with other unions.
It benefits everyone. But nowadays in Europe, this is not what is in place. Neither in the US. We have federal institutions trying to impose their will on independent countries/states. This cannot occur, ever. But what can occur is to impose a coordinated framework to keep the sovereignty of each state and country, while having seamless relationships between countries/states.
For example nowadays we have one international bank, the IMF. But now the BRICS are creating their own equivalent system. Why? Because the IMF as it exists is bound to disappear (and be replaced by an appropriate structure), or adapt; there’s no other choice. In Europe we have the ECB (European central Bank), in the US there is the Federal Reserve. These structures are great, but they are not working as they should and are expected to! People in charge of these structures have actually no foresight on what this world really needs.
Let me tell you what will happen, each country with its own sovereign bank (no more private banks, this will occur!). Each country with its own bank created for and owned by the people of this country, removing first of all useless debt interests owed to private banks that work on a fractional banking system, which is simply creating money out of thin air and putting the whole world in debt to? No one knows, but the planet has at this time about 45 trillion dollars of debt owed to whom? we wonder…
This will disappear and all debt will be erased, because it’s illogical.
What is going to happen is that each country will have its own sovereign bank, because each country has its own independent process of development, so the country will be in debt toward itself as it should be, toward no one else and owing no interests on that debt to no one else. On top of each country having its sovereign bank, we will have bank structures for each large union of countries (similar to the the ECB, IMF,Fed etc.), but not controlling the sovereign banks of each country, instead just standardizing a process to exchange values between countries. These union structures will just be here to regulate between countries, but not force any country to not do what it wants to do, but instead if a country needs help there will be standardized ways to get help, instead of having an iron fist deciding what that country should do to ‘be saved’, that’s not the decision of anyone except of that country itself.
Then on top of union banks, we’ll have a global institution regulating exchanges between all unions, but once again, not controlling, just coordinating!
In Europe we have the problem of the unique currency, it’s a good idea, but it’s not adapted as it is, the strong Euro (wrt. other worldwide currencies) benefits countries with production of goods with high added value, like cars in Germany, but it disadvantages countries producing products (like basic food) with no added value. For them, from a purely economical aspect, a weak Euro would be much more beneficial. I know that this problem can be sorted by each country having its own currency, but I think the Euro, or an equivalent of it will remain, it is just too practical! However I have no clue on how to implement a system of different euro values (according to the economic production, stability etc. of each country) while keeping the common currency for an entire union, this is not my job, but I know some clever people will come up with a solution, I guarantee it!
Once one union (EU, US, ASEAN, ASUN, AU etc.) finds a solution to this problem of having a common currency, while respecting the value that currency should have wrt. other worldwide currencies for each individual country, we’ll have only a couple of different currencies worldwide, I’m sure of it!

Then as each country will remain sovereign, each will be able to confront its own individual ‘problems’ on its own without the forceful intervention of another country, trying to tell them that’s the way you have to do it and don’t discuss. There are so many issues at stakes, what people call human rights, male/female equality, death penalty, guns ownership, eating meat or not, religions etc. These are local issues for each country on its own, other countries shouldn’t intervene forcefully, it’s not their right to do so. From the point of view of one country and its population having such and such views on how these issues should be addressed, cannot be the same opinion of other people in another country that had another history, another religious background, another climate/geographical situation etc.

But these differences, even if there are millions of which we don’t agree with each other, we can still agree on basic principles; people need a house, good foods (on that for example we can at least all agree worldwide that eating fruits and vegetables is good for us no matter the beliefs and religion), a stable situation, drinkable water, electricity. We can agree that it’s best to let each country act as it wishes, as long as the relationships between countries are serene, that’s already a great start! And to have serene relationships with each other, whether person-to-person or country-to-country or union-to-union, the most basic way is to allow everyone to be different as they wish, as long as that difference doesn’t impede on our own way of being different.

Sovereignty of people, sovereignty of countries, sovereignty of unions; all while trying to coordinate as best as possible the relationships between each other, for the mutual benefit of all parties involved, without impeding on the right to be different of anyone or any country/union. Mark my word, this is what is going to happen!

So going back to the EU quickly, all these groups wanting to get out of the European Union (European elections of the 25th of may 2014), they will win deputy seats and they will enter the structure of the EU, but they won’t dissolve the EU, they’ll just do away with the stupid system of differentiating groups by calling them left or right for example, they will restore integrity, honesty and respect of the sovereignty of each and everyone. They will manage to change the treaties of the European Union, some of which were made in horrendous ways to prevent anything from changing.. But trust me it will change and the European Union isn’t going anywhere, it will become bigger and stronger, but in a very good way, respecting the constituting countries and their people.
Watch out for it, it’s coming, I’m just very ahead of time by predicting that, but I’ve never been wrong in my past predictions, so don’t expect this one not to happen. How it will happen is not my duty to describe, but the end result is clear.
Honesty will be restored, integrity as well and the respect for the sovereignty of all included.
This is also happening worldwide, but it takes time to change the world! There’s an inertia of things that cannot be stopped instantly, you don’t stop a huge rock rolling down the mountain by standing in front of it, you slowly carve its path to redirect it where you want!

The worldwide way of governing things nowadays is top -> down, a few people decide for the rest, in the future it will be bottom -> up, being sovereign, people/countries will decide for themselves and the global coordinating structures will just be there to coordinate (they won’t probably be called governing structures anymore..)