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Stocking energy from renewable energy production machines 0

This is a problem that everyone faces when they try to fulfill their energy requirements by using renewable methods (solar panels, windmills etc.). The energy cannot be stocked, or at least no efficient way exists up to now, large batteries farms are needed and this is not useful at all, this can only be used at very small scales.
The solution I’m presenting now can be applied both at very large scales and very small scales. But most efficiently for very large scales applications. We must rely on the different boiling temperatures of materials. The technical aspects are not my problem, I don’t have the means to look in details into it, but the general idea is quite simple.
Let’s imagine a solar farm that can produce 50 MW at peak, but only 5-10 MW as a median production when the sun is not very strong. All that for a building requiring 20 MW of constant power.

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By braikar, 23-06-2014 - 20:46
Speed limits on large roads 0

This applies to the Western industrialised society.

Speed limits applied to this day were limits decided around the mid 19′ for cars that do not exists any more. This simple fact is so obvious to me and yet I don’t hear anyone talk about that. Instead I see speed limits being reduced and reduced, more speed cameras installed everywhere. Most importantly a growing disapproval of these measures by the population that feels trapped and under excessive surveillance; it depends on countries though; Germany is the only country trying to find real useful solutions. Read the rest of this entry »

By braikar, 09-05-2013 - 13:12