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The future of the European Union (and the world) 0

As I write, there are groups in at least half of the European countries presenting themselves with an objective of, if they manage to get elected, to remove their country form the European union. Either by using the article 50 of the European treaty or parties wishing to get out without really knowing how.

All I can say is that the European Union won’t disappear, but its structure will slowly and surely change over the next 10 and more years to be more in tune with what the real purpose of the European union has to be!

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By braikar, 11-05-2014 - 13:47
Removing unnecessary jobs 0

This topic must be addressed as often as possible, because most people just can’t understand how that is possible in the current economic paradigm.

Lets look at some examples of what is happening!

In the banking sector, jobs keep disappearing as time goes by; some are evidently outsourced to cheaper countries, but many also just become useless because the internal/external logistics of the bank have been improved.

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By braikar, 14-11-2013 - 20:25