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By braikar, 08-05-2013 - 19:47

The World is in crisis! It’s not an economical crisis, that’s just what the old system cannot understand, they have been used to fix things like that in the past. But this time they cannot fix it, they don’t know how, because it’s a worldwide structural reshaping that is happening, it’s happening both physically and spiritually.

Sadly our ‘world leaders’ are completely useless to come up with solutions to ‘fix’ what is happening. They have been trained! Trained at school, trained at University and whichever subsequent studies they went through, they just know how to apply protocols and methods they have learned, they cannot let their imagination run free to come up with the new ideas and concepts that are needed. Obviously some are but they are just a few, most leaders and people in positions of power act like robots.

A robot lacks imagination, a robot; even if it were to have artificial intelligence; cannot come up with the solutions needed nowadays. A robot can come up with improvements or tweaks, but it cannot completely revamp what it is used to work with.

That is what is needed, a REVAMP of society, a RESHAPING. Based on ideas that are mostly not known yet, as of may 2013, but they will come. This structural crisis we are in is very deep, because we have reached a point where we finally see that the earth is a closed system, we cannot indefinitely exploit virgin parts of the planet without consequences, because at the rate we are going there won’t be many virgin places left. We keep hearing about the fact that: we need to protect the environment, we need to make our activities more sustainable… These are ideas of people that have no ideas. Were they to have real creative ideas they would say: we need a world where nature does not need protection any more, we need a world where any activity we have is non threatening to our continuous survival on this small orb we call Earth.

What’s the difference with these 2 ways of saying things? One assumes we will still be living with the same methods, hence we need to protect the planet from our disruptive ways of acting on earth; whereas the other way of saying things assumes we act in accordance to what is required at all times! There is a big difference.

The economic system is completely bogus, we work and overwork a lot to repair problems we created in the first place by trying to rush too quickly into some new project because of the needed economic profits. We are pushed around by the unnecessary necessity for money, which in turn makes us work to earn money, that work usually creates new problems that didn’t exist beforehand, this in turn requires more useless work. We are bound to a system that wants everyone working 8h a day (or much more) for many days a week etc. Because a good economy is an economy where everyone is employed… A better economy is an economy where everyone is employed to do something useless, nowadays at least half the working time spent every day on earth is useless. We could all be working 4h a day or probably much less, closer to 1-2h a day and have exactly the same abundance as nowadays. Sadly this does not even cross the minds of people in power. Because a good economy (again), is an economy will full employment, but they can’t figure out that if there is 10-20% unemployment, that means we could just decrease the global working time of each individual by 10-20% and put these unemployed people to work, everyone working a bit less, everyone employed, hence all paying taxes instead of 10-2% depending on benefits paid by the taxes of the other 80-90% for example. There are plenty of ways to reshape our economy in a way that would benefit absolutely everyone! A bank could be one single giant computer and it would almost change nothing to most of our daily lives? Why do we need hundreds of banks, each developing their own banking systems? It takes useless time and workforce.. Why do we need concurrence in high-tech companies? Someone in the actual paradigm would tell you that it’s because the company can create a monopoly and concurrence fosters innovation. Then why don’t we just make laws to prevent monopolies and pricing abuses instead of making laws that promote concurrence and the useless concurrent development of similar products. So much workforce uselessly wasted once again! Concurrence does not foster development, it just makes 5 companies produce approximately the same product at the same time, racing each other for the first one to come up with the finished product first! It’s such a stupid process…

Current world leaders want to keep things as they are while tweaking some parts of it so that is fits with making the earth a better place. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, to make the Earth a better place we need to structurally change many human activities, we cannot just apply fixes and tweaks here and there. These are the methods of unimaginative peoples, it won’t work any more and that’s what we are seeing. We see them try this and that but always to be met with growing and growing disapproval of the population, no matter which country. It’s normal, they do not have any real good ideas.

Sadly the global population itself does not know what to do either, most of the population protests in mass against this and that but don’t often come up with new ideas! That’s also a problem, because it won’t solve the structural crisis rampant throughout our world; the population has ‘generally’ no idea what to change and are asking clueless leaders to come up with solutions.


The WORLD needs people like me, there are many like me in the world and our ideas are spreading in ways that counteract logic, many ideas just spread as a consciousness. You don’t need to understand, it will happen anyway.


This website is dedicated to providing novel ideas and new ways of understanding our world to make it more suited to what humans now want, because it does not serve humans any more; at the moment we are the slaves of our own creations!

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